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Johnny Earl Coleman reunited with his daughter on June 28, 2021. Mr. Coleman’s daughter is currently 27 years old. Mr. Coleman entered prison when she was only 2 months old. 


“I been up for parole 6 times and 6 times I was denied parole by the Mississippi Parole Board. Now it is my 7th time coming up for parole and by the grace of God I met Ms. Bowie. Her firm helped me get a second chance at life.” 

Johnny Earl Coleman

"I wanted to reach out to you and say thanks a million again for the support and help with my mom. God sent you to help my family and I. Another big blessing in my life. I signed all of the paperwork today and got an amazing report on my mom. This means the world to me. Having my mom finally at home is a blessing I can’t stop saying that. Thank you so much and if it’s okay I want to give you report on her and our bond along with our family bond. I know positive things are coming out of this. Because it’s been along time coming."

— Demetria Pitts, Daughter of Christine Johnson

Parolees Assisted

Jason Flores – 30 years old, Served 14 years, Released (2021) 

Devonte Arrington – Served 7 years, Released (2021)

Johnny Earl Coleman – 60 years old, served 27 years, Released(2021)

Christine Johnson – 68 years old, served 39 years, Released (2021)

Charlie McGowan – 44 years old, served 27 years, Released (2021)

Norris Clifton Green – 62 years old, served 33 years, Released (2021)

John Wesley Lewis – 48 years old, Served 29 years, Released (2022)


Legrane Lenox 52 years old, served 25 years, Released (2022)

Stanley Coleman 62 years old, served 45 years, Released (2022)


Barbara Wilson  Served 37 years, Released (2022)


Howard Kenny, Jr  Served 34 years, Released (2022)

Restoration of Gun Rights

Roosevelt Gibson - Certificate of Rehabilitation May 31, 2022


John Wesley Lewis - (Sentence Correction) - November 2021


Howard Kenny, Jr. (Illegal Sentence Vacated) - April 2022


Glen Conley (Sentence Correction) - December 2022

Personal Injury Case Settlements

Racial Discrimination in Public Accomodation Settlement, September 2021 Awarded: $27,500

Car Wreck Case, December 2021

Awarded: $80,000

Car Wreck Settlement, 2022

Awarded: $215,000 

Contact Information

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U.S. Mail: Criminal Appeals Law Center of Mississippi, PLLC
Post Office Box 442, Jackson, Mississippi 39205.
Phone: (601) 850-7624
Fax: (601) 890-7624

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